Window Facing Boxes

Plasbox has the ability to manufacture Window Face Boxes, also known as Window Patch Boxes at our Wetherill Park Factory!!!

At Plasbox we are excited, not only can we supply window face boxes with our overseas alliances but we can now supply window patched boxes from our Wetherill Park factory!!! In trying to understand our customer’s needs came the realization that not all customers wanted the traditional style of boxes and that a new fresh option was needed.

The Window patch boxes Plasbox can now manufacture is a card thickness of 200 to 500gsm and a flute thickness of 1 to 2.5mm, the window can be of a PVC 0.05 to 0.20mm thickness or of a APET 0.05 to 0.16mm thickness.

Can we help you with your Window Box / window patch needs? Why not use our Contact Us page to Email your enquiry through or Phone us 0297564422 and speak with one of our friendly sales staff!

Some examples of Window Box / Window Patch products are:

Window Patched - Fibre Board with APET Window Window Patching - Fibre Board with Food Grade PVC
Window Facing - Fibre Board with Food Grade PVC Window Face - Fibre Board with Acetate Window