Plastic Egg Tray Cartons

Plastic Egg Trays

Plasbox is leading the innovation in Australia with its new Patented Plastic Egg Tray!

Plasbox’s exceptional Patented Plastic Egg Tray has 30 Cavities, can be stacked one on another, locks together to hold your eggs securely and the customers can see the eggs, so no more opening the carton to check the eggs and opps there goes the eggs broken all over the floor all before they have been purchased. Now what’s not to like about this leading innovation!

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Some examples of the Egg Tray Carton with 30 cavities are:

Egg Tray Carton 30 Cavities Egg Tray Carton 30 Cavities

The Egg Tray with 30 cavities is available for purchase, please call our friendly customer service team to order these.

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